Everyday I’m Fricklin

Burgers Ordered: Brad – The Maytag Bleu; Matt – The BLT Burger; Todd – The Philly; Simon F: The Steakhouse.

The Experience: It is important to the Burgermeisters that while cultivating the most comprehensive directory of New York City burger joints, they also create a community of food lovers and OCD writers.  That is why when they stumbled upon the Frickle Chicks they knew they had to collaborate with them.

After months of negotiations a deal was set.  Frickle Chick Lyss brought her crew, Todd and Simon F (not to be confused with frequent Guest Burgermeister Simon).  Frickle Chick Bex was notably absent, but when you’re trying to make a simulcast blog happen you take what you can get.

The Burgermeisters and their new friends divvied up the burger options, with the exception of the Streaker.  BLT Burger is run by the same Burger Masters as Go Burger, and the Streaker appears on both menus.  As former Burgermeister Sam ordered the Streaker there, the Burgermeisters felt safe leaving that one out of the BLT Burger experience.

It would during this selection process that a startling realization occurred: Frickle Chick Lyss was a vegetarian!  She was quick to point out that this would not impede her ability to criticize frickles in the midst of heavy hamburger consumption.  The Burgermeisters took her at her word.

Frickles for the Frickle Chick

The Taste: There’s no better palce to begin than the frickles, since that’s what brought this crew together.  All of the frickle laymen, Brad, Simon F, Matt & Todd, enjoyed the frickles very much.  They were crunchy if a little greasy and tasted delicious in the dipping sauce that accompanied them.  Lyss was slightly less forgiving, saying she preferred Go Burger’s doughier frickles.  She said that these frickles were crispy but not crunchy.  The Burgermeisters were confused, but she explains more thoroughly in her full frickle review.

Always Sunny in Philly

Todd ordered the Philly medium rare.  His burger came with jalapeños, provolone cheese, peppers, and onions. He said that each added a nice touch to the overall experience.  The Philly was cooked medium rare to perfection, and Todd went as far as to say that there was just about nothing he would change about it.  Though the Burgermeisters don’t assign ratings to their burgers, Todd bucked the trend and gave his a solid A.

The fanciest burger on the menu

Simon F did something that has never happened on a Burger Adventure before.  He ordered his Steakhouse RARE!!!  Sure, the DuMont Burger came to our plates cooked rare, but the Burgermeisters didn’t order it that way.  Simon F has true courage.  He was very impressed with the briquette touch to his 30-day dry aged prime beef patty.  He said that it was flavored perfectly and cooked the same without being too bloody.  He ordered his with Gruyere cheese, which proved to be the right call.  His rating of choice: Two Thumbs Up.  JG Melon is Simon F’s favorite burger in NYC, and he enjoyed this just as much.

Going all the way with it!

Matt’s BLT Burger did its job as the namesake of this Burger Adventure.  The burger was cooked to order.  The bacon was stellar, tasty and crisp.  The rabbit food did its job.  Matt said the bun was awesome, thick, fresh, and that the sesame seeds that topped it were key to its deliciousness. He liked the size of the burger because he didn’t feel that he needed to immediately go home and get in bed afterwards.  It officially got his “Da Bomb” seal of approval.

The Namesake

Brad’s Maytag Bleu came with bursting pockets of bleu cheese.  At first Brad really enjoyed the burger, as the patty was flavorful and, like everyone else’s, cooked perfectly.  But as he explored the burger the amount of bleu cheese became overwhelming.  This is often a cause for concern with bleu cheese topped burgers, and has plagued the Burgermeisters a few times before.  While not his favorite burger, Brad recognized that BLT Burger cooks their meat the right way and was totally open to the idea of one day returning to try one of their other offerings.

Bleu cheese explosion!

In true Burgermeister tradition, the table ordered a variety of fries and shared as needed.  Everyone enjoyed what BLT Burger had to offer int his department.  Todd was upset that he got “the ass end,” of the fries.  He was referring to the little crispers that typically fill only the bottom of a fry pile.  Both “ass end” and “little crispers” are now under consideration for inclusion in the Burgermeister Dictionary.

The Verdict: BLT Burger was a resounding success on just about all counts.  The Burgermeisters got to collaborate with a Frickle Chick and her dudes, the burgers were all tasty to delicious and the frickles were satisfying as well.  The people behind BLT and Go Burger have done themselves proud.

BLT Burger is located at 470 Sixth Avenue between 11th Street and 12th Street.

Article by Brad Garoon

I run this burger joint.

One Comment

  1. My husband and I were at the Mirage in Feb 2013. I personally do not like hamburgers! However we stopped at BLT Burgers in the Hotel.

    That was the best darn hamburger, just a plain hamburger with onions, lettuce and mayo, I’ve ever had!!! Bar none! My husband had a cheese burger and we shared the fries. Did I mention that was a heck of a hamburger!!!!?!!!!!!!

    It was so good, that when we had a chance to eat there again we made it our last dinner before leaving town and this time we included the fried pickles, which would have only been better if they served twice a much!

    So if you’re in Las Vegas stop by the BLT Burgers in the Mirage, The cost of a hamburger with no cheese was on $12, It is well worth the food and the service.

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