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A New Burger Memory in a Neighborhood Full of Them |

Black Tree Burger

Old neighborhoods are like old girlfriends. As long as you keep your distance, you don’t really think about them. But when you end up near them again, you think about (or shudder at the thought of) what could have been. That’s what happened when I visited Black Tree in Williamsburg, one of my first trips back to the neighborhood since moving away at the beginning of the summer. 

Black Tree was previewing their Sundaes on Sundays collaboration with Must Love Ice Cream, and while it was fun to have sweet and savory ice cream as an appetizer, I was most excited when two burgers made their way to the table.

Burger Ordered: The Burger

The Taste: What the burger lacks in a creative name it more than makes up for with flavor. This double-patty sandwich on a sesame seed roll is topped with Grafton cheddar, beetchup, and delicious pickles. I really appreciate beetchup. Beets are burgers go together far better than beets and tomatoes do, and they really don’t get the credit they deserve as a topping and condiment. But while the beetchup was great, it was the pickles and the beef that made my jaw drop after each bite. The powerful flavor was a welcome visitor in my mouth. Perhaps I shouldn’t have been surprised; every trip I made to Black Tree results in delicious and creative dishes.

The Verdict: I’ll keep is short; this burger could be in the running for my best of 2016 list. Do you need more of a recommendation than that?

Black Tree is located at 261 Metropolitan Avenue in Brooklyn, New York.

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Article by Brad Garoon

I run this burger joint.