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Don’t worry Bareburger… the Burgermeisters will be back. [Addendum: We finally did go back in May of 2013 – check out the new and improved review]

That said, this week’s Burger Adventure is more about the experience than the meal.  Matt and Brad signed up for a Grub With Us meal at Bareburger, because as burger bloggers they’re always on board with any venture that mixes the internet and food.  For those not in the know, Grub With Us offers food-lovers a chance to meet other food-lovers at a participating restaurant.  You pay for your meal when you sign up, so that when you show up at the restaurant there’s no need to take out your wallet (unless you want to buy a beer).

The Rabbit Food came out first.  The sriracha-habanero pickle chips were the Burgermeisters’ favorite of the bunch.

The folks that the Burgermeisters met while “grubbing” were all fantastic.  All from different walks of life doing different and interesting things.  But most importantly, all were burger-lovers.  At this point Brad and Matt hope that they converted them to Little Meisters.  They made the two-hour meal go by in what felt like no time at all.

The peppercorn steak sauce was the best chicken finger dipping sauce by a mile.

The video below pretty much addresses how everyone felt about the meal with two exceptions, one pro and two cons.  The con was that the following was advertised as part of the meal on and didn’t actually come with the meal.  As fry enthusiasts, the Burgermeisters were bummed out.

Fresh Cut French Fries
Cooked in 100% peanut oil. Served with spicy chipotle mayo, curry ketchup, bareburger special sauce & malt vinegar.
Gourmet Battered Onion Rings
Served with peppercorn steak sauce, curry ketchup, spicy ranch and bareburger special sauce.
The Big Blue Bacon “Sliders”.  The Original “Sliders” are pictured above.

Brad caught a glimpse of the fries at another table and was even more saddened, as they looked delicious.  The other con was that there weren’t enough mini burgers (Bareburger served mini burger versions of their staple burgers for this meal, errantly calling them sliders) served were not plentiful enough for everyone at the table to try one of each of the three different types.  And what’s life without variety?!

Brad is scoffing at the non-burger Veggie “Slider” that Kate holds.

However, on the bright side the “Grubbers” were all treated to unlimited drinks.  Sure the waiters only came around enough for everyone to get two rounds, but the fact that we expected zero alcoholic beverages as part of the package and got two was the pleasantest of pleasant surprises.

So yes, this was more of a Burger Party and lacks the elements of a real burger review.  The Burgermeisters wanted to stress the fun that can come from a night with Grub With Us.  But fear not, the Burgermeisters will come back to Bareburger and give them a real once-over.
Milkshake shooters.  Whaaaaat?!
Bareburger is located at 535 LaGuardia Place between West 3rd and Bleecker.

Article by Brad Garoon

I run this burger joint.

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