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Grass Fed Burgers… Yay or Nay?

Burgers Ordered: Grass Fed Burger

The Experience: There is a debate in the burger-lover community over the merits of the grass-fed burger.  First, let’s clear up some confusion.  Many associate grass-fed beef with free-range beef.  These are not the same.  Grass-fed beef comes from cows who had a diet consisting mostly of grass and other forage, while free-range doesn’t refer to the cows’ diet at all, but rather refers to the fact that the cows were not confined to an enclosure.

Onto the nutritional aspects for the human consumer.  Grass-fed beef is much lower in fat than grain and/or corn fed beef.  It also can contain benefits such as conjugated linoleic acid, omega 3 fatty acids, and vitamin E, which could lead to healthier heart functioning.  So now that we’ve covered why you would want grass-fed beef for your health, we have to ask if it makes a difference in taste.  The result is a resounding YES!

The Taste: Because of how much leaner the meat is, Back Forty would have to take great care to keep the patty juicy and pink.  Both Burgermeisters on this adventure ordered their burgers medium rare.  Sadly, neither received their burgers that way.  The flavor of the patty was distinct, but both Burgermeisters longed for a bite with a little more juice.  The Heritage bacon also didn’t add much, which was a shame given its $2 add-on cost.

On the other hand, the Cabot cheddar cheese had a very unique flavor and the rosemary fries were absolutely out of this world and both worth their $2 add-on costs.  The fries in particular were hard to resist, making the Burgermeisters incredibly grateful for their second stomachs.  The homemade ketchup and pickle were both nice touches, and the bun was more than acceptable.

The Verdict: For good brew and good fries, you could do a lot worse than Back Forty.  If you’re concerned with the diet your hamburger was on before it was served to you, Back Forty is a decent burger.  However, if grass-fed beef isn’t on your radar or isn’t a priority for you, then you should probably take your burger business elsewhere.

Back Forty is located at 190 Avenue B at East 12th Street.

Article by Brad Garoon

I run this burger joint.

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