Almond Tribeca

Almond Tribeca Deluxe Burger

The Experience: Almond opened its first location in Bridgehampton back in 2001. After taking the Hamptons by storm, they opened a second location in Flatiron in 2008. Another seven years of success led to the opening of a third outpost, this time in Tribeca. I had been woefully unaware of Almond’s existence. Thankfully for me that all changed when news of the Tribeca location’s opening led to a notification that Almond’s menu features a burger with corned beef and Russian dressing. I was curious how a French bistro would tastefully handle a Reuben sandwich/hamburger mash up.

Burger Ordered: Hamburger “Deluxe”

The Taste: The burger at Almond is ground together with corned beef, giving it the most succulent and rich flavor. It caught me almost completely off guard. I was eager to follow each bite with an immediate follow-up bite, but contained myself so that my time with the burger could last longer. The smoked cheddar cheese stuck to the potato roll bun, making the burger easy to handle despite its density. As a bonus, the burger was speared through with cocktail garnish (olive, onion, and pickle), which I love. And if that’s not enough, the fries and mini doughnuts were incredible as well.

The Verdict: The burger was tasteful, and tasted incredible. The service was impeccable and the atmosphere was quite cozy. I don’t know of another burger quite like this in New York City, so it gets a strong recommendation.

Almond Tribeca is located at 186 Franklin Street in Manhattan, New York.

Article by Brad Garoon

I run this burger joint.