Ainsworth Park

Ainsworth Park Burger

The Experience: About a year and a half ago I went into the Ainsworth in Chelsea and, with a couple of friends, devoured a large portion of their new (at the time) burger menu. Well a couple months ago, word got around that the Ainsworth would be adding a few new burgers to their menu, and the New York City burger world took notice. I have a rule for myself that I won’t return to a burger joint for a second Burger of the Week review, as there are too many great hamburgers in NYC that need to be discovered for repeats to take up a coveted Wednesday spot. Luckily, Ainsworth has three locations in NYC, allowing me to exploit a loophole that I made for myself years ago. And so, a whole mess of burger loving nerds got together and ate round after round of hamburgers at Ainsworth Park.

Burgers Ordered: The Bacon Burger, The Hanger Steak Burger, and the Breakfast Burger

The Taste: The Breakfast Burger is made of a hash brown patty, cheddar cheese, bacon, fried egg, and beef patty. The Hanger Steak Burger is topped with thinly sliced marinated hanger steak, parmesan cheese, and pickled jalapeños. The Bacon Burger comes with bacon jam, honey-hoisin glazed bacon, Ainsworth sauce, fried cheese. All of the burgers were as stellar on this night as on my previous Ainsworth outing, even though the kitchen had to handle cooking dozens of them at the same time. The star of the show for me was the Breakfast Burger, which I found even more enticing when I learned that you can get it during non-brunch hours by ordering the Texas Burger. Oh Ainsworth, you’re so sneaky.

The Verdict: Everything you’ve heard about the burgers at the Ainsworth are true. No matter what shape they take, each one is a delicious disk of wonderful food.

Ainsworth Park is located at 111 East 18th Street in Manhattan, New York.

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Article by Brad Garoon

I run this burger joint.