Heartland Brewery

Burgers Ordered: Our Burger

The Experience: New York City can be a stressful place to live, and an even more stressful place to earn a living.  Burgermeisters Brad and Toby met at the Heartland Brewery for a few drinks to mull over this stressful state and take the edge off.  After some back and forth, Toby decided that the best way to improve his mood would be to indulge in a hamburger. Brad, knowing that Heartland also owns HB Burger, decided to leave the burger judgment at Heartland Brewery up to Toby.

The Taste: Heartland described their burger as a fresh ground custom blend courtesy of meatlord Pat La Frieda.  Though he ordered his burger medium rare, the crowded state of the bar made it no surprise when the patty arrived brown throughout.  This tends to happen when there are more patrons than a kitchen can easily keep up with.  Toby enjoyed the flavor of the patty, but lamented the scarce cheese.  The sesame seed bun left something to be desired as well.  Toby was somewhat happier after eating this comfort food, but described it as nothing more than a typical bar burger.

The Verdict: It’s obviously that Heartland Brewery leaves the burger-focus to HB Burger. There’s nothing inherently wrong with that, but for anything more than unique and delicious beers, look elsewhere.

Heartland Brewery is located at 35 Union Square West between 16th Street & 17th Street.
There are also four other locations in midtown and one at the South Street Seaport. 

Article by Brad Garoon

I run this burger joint.

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