Broadstone Bar & Kitchen

Shortly after I started Burger Weekly, I took a job in the Financial District… a neighborhood that at the time had no good burgers. Alright, there were a couple good burger spots, but I worked there for three years so that dried up pretty quickly. But in the last few years, new restaurants have opened…


Upright Brew House

I’ve talked a lot lately about my preference for double cheeseburgers over the ubiquitous pub burger. Upright Brew House serves one of each, so I was able to do a side-by-side comparison. Both are made with Angus beef, but Upright Brew House attached their name to the double cheeseburger, which made me think that my…


Foxy John’s

Foxy John’s has been around in midtown for a couple of years, but until last week I’d never heard of it. I hadn’t slept at all the night before, and needed to occupy my time after work so that I wouldn’t fall asleep at 7pm, screwing up my schedule for the week. In those cases, I…


The Spaniard

I walked into the Spaniard and noticed that half of the restaurant was filled with groups of attractive women watching the U.S. Open. When my friend Jaime of the Burger Babez showed up to join me for a burger, she told me that she typically sees groups of attractive men hanging out at the Spaniard….


Alice’s Arbor

“Farm-fresh, grass-fed burgers,” is usually a phrase that makes me think of dried-out, over-thought burgers. That’s what I heard about the burger at Alice’s Arbor, a place that plays up its local, fresh fare in a big way. But something about this Bed Stuy restaurant made me think there was hope for the burger. It…