Featured Burger of the Week

7/29/15 – 8/4/15

Raoul's Burger Main

I struggle with writing about burgers at restaurants that everyone has already heard of. A year ago, the late Josh Ozersky called the burger at Raoul’s the home of the best burger in America. After that, Raoul’s started popping up on most of the usual suspects’ “best new burgers” list. As such, I didn’t rush out to get it. This wasn’t for a lack of wanting to try it, but I pride myself in letting people know about as many great New York City burgers as possible, and Raoul’s seemed to be covered by the heavily-trafficked likes of Zagat, Grub Street, Thrillist and NY Daily News. And while I don’t have a problem with every other online food resource recommending the same (quite delicious) burgers time after time, I just want to provide you with great burger options that you probably haven’t heard of. But Raoul’s demanded my attention.