The Spaniard

I walked into the Spaniard and noticed that half of the restaurant was filled with groups of attractive women watching the U.S. Open. When my friend Jaime of the Burger Babez showed up to join me for a burger, she told me that she typically sees groups of attractive men hanging out at the Spaniard….


Alice’s Arbor

“Farm-fresh, grass-fed burgers,” is usually a phrase that makes me think of dried-out, over-thought burgers. That’s what I heard about the burger at Alice’s Arbor, a place that plays up its local, fresh fare in a big way. But something about this Bed Stuy restaurant made me think there was hope for the burger. It…


Fairway Cafe

In general, the Upper West Side is a strange place when it comes to food. It’s the home of the second location of many restaurants that become popular downtown first. It’s the home of interesting and tasty concepts like Joe’s that don’t stick around and are replaced by stalwarts like JG Melon. And it’s the home…


Thunder Bun

Schnippers is low key one of the best burger joints in New York City, and is especially delicious given how inexpensive it is. They’ve just taken things up a notch at their location in the Financial District, transforming the space into Thunder Bun. This new concept is centered around its eponymous burger, which is really…



Usually a restaurant named after a food that is not a burger isn’t the best place to get a burger. However, since this restaurant is mere blocks from my office, I’ve been there a handful of times, and have always ordered the restaurant’s namesake. Finally, I decided it was time to try something different. To…