12 Chairs Burger

12 Chairs Cafe

12 Chairs is a huge reason that leaving Williamsburg is going to be difficult. This lovely Israeli oasis has another outpost in SoHo, but I’ve only ever been to the one in Brooklyn. Recently, after leaving a nearby bar (that also has a good burger), I stopped into 12 Chairs late night to get some blintzes…


Roadhouse 757

In small towns dominated by tourists and hipsters, downtown joints tend to get all the praise and buzz. That’s unfortunate, because just outside of Charlevoix is the Roadhouse 757, and they’re serving up some dynamite burgers in a cool atmosphere. They bill themselves as a “southwestern roadhouse with a twist,” with five different burgers and…

The Bistro at Red Bank Burger 2

The Bistro at Red Bank

The Bistro at Red Bank has become my go-to Friday night spot. The atmosphere is awesome. Great appetizers like the Tuna Tacos and Shrimp Kamikaze are always a good start. The pizza and sushi are always delicious. But what keeps me going back for more is the lone burger on the menu.

Bernie's Burger

Bernie’s Lunch & Supper

I visited Bernie’s Lunch & Supper during peak brunch hours and the place was hoppin’. On this visit, I decided to sit at the bar and pick the bartender’s brain regarding what it was like to be a new and upcoming restaurant in Chicago. He had positive things to say and told me all about their great cocktails. I…

Bar Bolinas Burger

Bar Bolinas

It’s hard to know when the service X-Y axis measuring service and food quality skew too far away from each other for the dining experience to be acceptable. What I mean by that is, if a burger is great, I let a lot of crappy service go unnoticed. Likewise, if I’m in love with my…