Ruumy’s Tavern

Brand new burger alert! Ruumy’s Tavern just opened in midtown and it’s a spot you’re going to want to try. From it’s romantic and mysterious downstairs bar to its Ashkenazi-inspired menu to its Gramercy Tavern alum in the kitchen, there’s a lot to love at Ruumy’s. They also have a burger at the center of…


Killer B

What is there to say about the modern burger scene that hasn’t been said already hundreds of times, often by me? Not a lot. But one thing that I personally haven’t commented on much is the rise of Frankenburgers. Nowadays, my Facebook feed is made pretty much entirely of food sites posting videos of gigantic…


The Stanton Social

It strikes me as strange that, from time to time, I eat a burger that I was sure I’d reviewed for this blog before, only to be proven wrong. The mini burger and its variants at Stanton Social fall into this perplexing category. The restaurant has been open for about twelve years on the Lower East…


Belgian Beer Cafe

Do you know what a Kwak is? I didn’t, until a couple years ago when I popped into Belgian Beer Bar with a few friends and saw this wonderful take on beer. To this date, I haven’t found many more places in New York City that serve a Kwak in its wonderful, round-bottomed-glassed, wooden-holder-assisted glory….


Circa Brewing Co.

Circa Brewing Co. was a pleasant surprise. It is a diamond in the Downtown Brooklyn rough, hitting high marks in the decor, vibe, and food departments. I knew nothing about this place before I checked it out on the invitation of my buddy Pat (check out his fantastic Instagram account). We were there ostensibly to…