The Big Schnipp Makes Moves Downtown | Schnippers, a restaurant that I consider to be the only real competition to Shake Shack for NYC counter-style burger dominance, just opened its fifth location. I went down to Church Street to try out a few of the new menu items that have popped up since I last…


e’s Bar

Ethan Hunt and His Mysterious Meat | Did you know that Ethan Hunt opened a bar on the Upper West Side? Did you know that fictional characters from Mission Impossible even had the ability to own property in real life? Well Ethan Hunt apparently did, and it’s pretty dope. It completes a bar/restaurant trifecta along with Joe’s and Jacob’s…


All-American Drive-In

Nostalgia and Some of the Best Fries Ever | If you’re from Massapequa or know anyone from around it, you’ve heard of All-American. It’s a true Long Island institution and the only drive-in hamburger stand on the island. Opening for business in 1963, it has even been featured on the Travel Channel. This is an old…


B.B. King

Preferential Treatment Goes a Long Way | Every time that I write about a burger in or around Times Square, I make mention of how much I hate Times Square. Frankly, I find the whole notion pretty trite, so I’m officially retiring that complaint on this blog.

Burger 21

Burger 21

On the Necessity of French Fries | Burger 21 is an anomaly in that it is a burger chain with over 20 locations that I had not heard of until I saw it driving down the road in Novi while visiting family in Michigan. Granted, the closest location to my New York City apartment is…