I wandered the streets on Saturday, looking for a restaurant at which to eat my 400th burger in New York City. To say I came across Covina accidentally would be an understatement. My feet hurt after miles of walking and my dining companion was feeling the same. As we complained, we noticed we were standing…


La Esquina

Years ago, I was told that the burger at La Esquina in SoHo was incredible. But something always kept me away. I’m not sure if it was how difficult it was to get into all those years ago, or the fact that I’ve never conveniently found myself near there when I was hungry. But in…

Mr Cs

Mr. C’s Pub & Grill

I went to high school in a little town called Elk Rapids. But I lived a little south of there in a mailing address of a town called Williamsburg. Now it’s the home of the vast Turtle Creek Casino, but before those days Williamsburg was two gas stations, a post office, and a baseball field….


Pier i Cafe

After May 1st every year, when the sun is out and the temperature is over 65 degrees, and it’s not raining, Pier i Cafe is open. This outdoor eating space and grill on the Hudson River is a popular spot for west-siders and their guests. That means there are a lot of babies there at…


Peaches HotHouse

Peaches HotHouse and I have a tumultuous history. The first time I ever went there was on a second date (speaking of dates, be sure to check out my podcast on the subject). The first date had gone very well, but I showed up to the second with a pretty nasty stomach ache. I don’t…